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We specialize in reprint services – specifically the licensing, production and distribution of evidence-based publications for commercial re-use by companies in the scientific, technical, and medical industries. Our services help you effectively and swiftly engage your customer base, respond to med affairs requests, educate your employees, and inform key stakeholders through the use of supportive, research-driven literature and data.

We work directly with publishers and learned societies to provide access to thousands of professional and scholarly titles and peer-reviewed content. We manage, fulfill, and negotiate on your behalf to support your dissemination strategy and ensure compliance for promotional and educational use. Whether you need physical reprints for detailing and congresses, eprints for multi-channel marketing, or a dossier of studies for your clinical team, we can deliver cost-effective solutions in a timely manner to any destination worldwide.

Bulk Reprint Buying

We streamline & facilitate the purchasing of your key clinical content - in both print (reprints) and digital (eprints) format - with worldwide fulfillment capabilities. More >

Group Ordering

We enable the consolidation of your global reprint/eprint demand through our innovative and collaborative solutions and by leveraging group purchasing power. More >

Eprint Fulfillment

We will help you craft and deploy an effective and compliant eprint solution that supports your direct, digital marketing strategy and e-detailing platform. More >

Copyright Compliance

We provide peace of mind by ensuring complete compliance for the dissemination of your clinical publications for promotional, educational, and clinical reuse.

Nexus CMP - Content Management Platform


Search for content retrieved via PubMed's MEDLINE®-indexed database and request quotes


Join active group order opportunities and aggregate internal orders with your colleagues


Monitor the status of current estimates and orders, and view real-time group order participation activity


Review details of past reprint orders and initiate re-orders with a single click

Easy quoting  |  Aggregation tools  |  Purchasing history  |  All in one Dashboard!

For Product Managers, time and budget are top priorities. Our platform facilitates the reprint ordering process and offers tools to reduce your bottom line.

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◄ Cost Savings Case Studies

Here we have showcased two Group Purchases that have yielded substantial savings through content demand aggregation:

Specialty Care | Regional Group Order - $46,000 in savings

This reprint order for a specialty care publication yielded over $46K in savings for the European team of our client

Primary Care | Global Group Order - $250,000 in savings

This reprint order for a key primary care study yielded over $250K in cumulative savings for our client's global buyers