Case Study:  Group Purchase of a Primary Care Drug Publication

In this example, reprints have been procured for several large affiliates of a pharmaceutical company promoting a new clinical efficacy publication for their primary care drug. Notice the considerable disparity in the Group Rate versus the rate for the Publisher-Direct pricing. In this example, the net effect was a savings of more than $250,000!

Total Quantity

138,000 copies

Group Rate

USD 1.50 per copy

Non-Group Rates

(Publisher-Direct Pricing: USD)
@5,000: 6.75 per copy
@7,500: 5.25 per copy
@10,000: 4.15 per copy
@15,000: 3.75 per copy
@20,000: 3.50 per copy
@50,000: 2.25 per copy

Estimated Savings

Total Non-Group Cost - Total Group Cost
USD 465,500 - 207,000

▶ USD 258,000+