Nexus CMP - Content Management Platform

Nexus CMP™ (Content Management Platform) is our web-based application that facilitates the reprint/eprint ordering process and redefines the standards for achieving savings through purchase aggregation. The Nexus CMP tools provide company users with an intuitive platform for managing content purchases and launching Group Purchase opportunities through a few simple steps. This system allows organizations to develop a standard protocol for the coordination of content demand consolidation.

This robust platform has been programmed using the latest industry standards, and branded for each company to provide a familiar user experience. To support a collaborative environment, the portal is equipped with invite options and non-obtrusive notifications based on user preferences and product affiliation.

Nexus CMP is equipped with a branded User Dashboard where company members can:


Search for content retrieved via PubMed's MEDLINE®-indexed database and request quotes


Join active group order opportunities and aggregate internal orders with your colleagues


Monitor the status of current estimates and orders, and view real-time group order participation activity


Review details of past reprint orders and initiate re-orders with a single click

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