The Advantages of Eprints

The modern sales rep is equipped with numerous smart devices that can easily access and share critical content with their professional customers. Healthcare professionals increasingly favor digital consumption over print, which has propelled the demand for digital content into high gear. The presentation strength of effective, research-based literature is elevated through these sophisticated platforms, and remains paramount to the detailing experience. The effective benefits of eprints include the traditional advantages of digital content - the ability to search, share, and archive, in addition to the utilization of various metrics detailing access, usage, and other critical statistics. Furthermore, eprints are available for immediate dissemination after their initial publication, an innate advantage over printed content.

Eprint Strategy

There are numerous eprint strategies available for deployment. Incorporating digital content into the field force, or e-detailling, is the most common approach. Allowing your reps to access clinical content on-the-go yields an effective way to present and discuss their key takeaways.

Remote detailing, which often supplements the efforts of the field force, allows reps to access their customers over an online, hosted medium - or a virtual "room". There are logistical advantages to this approach, and many companies have reported successful pilot runs committing to these virtual rep assets, while maintaining share-of-voice with less overall resources.

Additional means of digital content utilization includes conference/congress presentation, direct marketing via email, digital "leave-behinds", and the hosting or rotation of fresh content directly on company professional web portals.

Implementation Examples

-Direct Detailing

Share eprints during in-person detailing sessions using a visual aid platform, online access, or stand-alone PDF residing on the rep's laptop or mobile device/tablet

-Remote Detailing

Share eprints remotely through remote detailing sessions over a secure online sharing service or virtual platform

-Email Circulation

Circulate eprints directly to physicians as part of an email campaign or as a follow-up to detailing sessions, generally in the form of a URL/link for online viewing or downloadable PDF

-Secure Hosting

Host key content on a secure area of your corporate website for professional access

-Online Channels

Keep your readers engaged by providing fresh, peer-reviewed content for online viewing on your corporate website, generally within a designated area intended for healthcare professionals

-Conference Vending

Make eprints available to professional visitors at medical conferences and conventions through an interactive device or kiosk

Typical Eprint Formats

-Online Content

Usually in the form of an embedded PDF, Flash file or full-text HTML, online solutions display through a browser and require internet connectivity to access


The most flexible option, PDFs can be embedded in visual aids, applications and proprietary platforms, without any online connection requirements

-Mobile Application

Some publishers have created their own, proprietary downloadable apps for retrieving content and viewing on mobile devices in both online and offline environments

Eprint Strategy Consulting

We provide consultation to discuss available and optimal eprint strategies that conform to your business needs and fit within your budget. Based on your specific market, anticipated audience size, field rep size, detailing preferences, budget, and other considerations, we can help you determine the best strategy for reaching your targeted customers and equipping your sales team with the necessary tools and functionality to share your key information.