How Group Reprint/Eprint Purchasing Works

The concept and benefit of group purchasing is quite simple. Consolidate the demand of like-content in order to maximize the cumulative order, and achieve lower unit rates. Publisher list pricing is based off of economies of scale, meaning the more you buy, the less you pay per unit. Taking advantage of this concept can yield tremendous savings, and healthcare companies with a regional and/or global presence have incredible opportunities to leverage their buying power in order to maximize savings. All it takes is a bit of coordination, along with an empowering platform to make it that much easier. And the good news is that this works with print and digital content alike!

Streamlining the Group Purchase Process

The founder of Reprint Nexus is one of the pioneers in development of the aggregated, content purchasing platform - an online system that enables clients to harness the buying power of their affiliate network in order to achieve the lowest unit pricing possible. Through regular client consultation, end user behavior monitoring, and trial and error, we have refined and simplified the group buying process – and integrated that logic into our web portal application. Ultimately, we developed a robust yet simple and intuitive system that promotes collaboration and yields measurable savings.

The end result was our Nexus CMP portal system. Read more below, and come see how our solutions can enable your organization to achieve regular content savings and significantly reduce your annual reprint spend!

Group Purchase | Case Studies

Case Study: Primary Care

Publication Type: Primary Care Drug
Participation Level: Global
Estimated Group Savings: $250,000+

Case Study: Specialty Care

Publication Type: Specialty Care Drug
Participation Level: Regional (EU)
Estimated Group Savings: $46,000+

Nexus CMP - Content Management Platform

Nexus CMP™ (Content Management Platform) is our web-based application that facilitates the reprint/eprint ordering process and redefines the standards for achieving savings through purchase aggregation. The Nexus CMP tools provide company users with an intuitive platform for managing content purchases and launching Group Purchase opportunities through a few simple steps. This system allows organizations to develop a standard protocol for the coordination of content demand consolidation.

This robust platform has been programmed using the latest industry standards, and branded for each company to provide a familiar user experience. To support a collaborative environment, the portal is equipped with invite options and non-obtrusive notifications based on user preferences and product affiliation.