A NOTE ABOUT PRICING: Publishers set unit pricing for their reprints and eprints, so it's our job to facilitate the process and provide an augmented experience through value-added services, convenience, and enabling technologies. With that being said, we aim to provide full transparency and an optional pricing model to appease even the most cost-conscience customer.

Traditional Purchasing Model

Our traditional purchasing model is quite simple. In this role, we are the buyer of your content, permissions, and licensing, on behalf of your team and organization. This extends to all purchase types, including single and group/aggregate purchases. We then sell and thereby assign those rights to you, including our marginal service fee, built into the unit and/or bulk price. In doing so and as an extra benefit, we can offer the flexibility of split invoicing to accommodate your regional and affiliate billing requirements.

Assisted Purchasing Model

Often times it is the initiative of our clients’ Marketing departments to achieve “best value”, or lowest unitary pricing. With this in mind, we sought to craft a solution that would simultaneously reduce pricing, offer increased transparency, and allow us to confidently operate within our small service margin. Our answer - the Assisted Purchasing model. In this role, we continue to offer 100% of our first-in-class service as we liaise with your purchasing department to procure content “direct-from-source”. In other words, your organization would transact directly with the respective publisher. As the billable item is procured by your team, we are free to offer a fair and reduced charge for our value-added core services. This is the best option for clients looking to contain costs but also have the flexibility from finance to implement creative solutions.