eprint Nexus is a single-source solution for the bulk procurement of copyrighted STM content for commercial distribution and compliant dissemination within the global healthcare industry. We can supply content in print and/or digital format to match your reprint deployment strategy, in addition to numerous standard and customized specifications - including various production requirements, supplemental and information add-ons, medical translations, custom branding, custom carriers, and a number of post production bindery and bundling services.

Furthermore, we provide Group Buying technologies and strategic eprint services to align the goals of your marketing and communications plan, your corporate technology framework, and your anticipated budget requirements.

Reprint Nexus Core Capabilities

Global Reprint & Eprint Fulfillment

We can source and procure reprints for nearly any STM (scientific, medical, technical) publication globally. You let us know which publications your company needs, and we will secure the permissions and production efforts to fulfill your request – whether print (reprints) or digital (eprints) – in a compliant manner and in a timely fashion.

Copyright Compliance Expertise

We adhere to strict compliance measures and copyright law on behalf of our publishing suppliers and in the interest of our global clients. We evaluate the specific requirements involving your distribution and dissemination strategy in order to guarantee full compliance. In addition to your “peace of mind”, we are happy to provide you with supportive documentation when available.

Eprint Strategy Consulting

We offer free consultation services to discuss available and optimal eprint strategies that conform to your business needs and fit within your marketing budget. Based on your specific market, anticipated audience size, field rep size, detailing preferences, budget, and other considerations, we can help you determine the best strategy for reaching your targeted physicians and equipping your sales team with the necessary tools and functionality to present and disseminate your key publications. More...

Group Buying Strategies

Collaboration through group purchasing is the most effective way to reduce unit pricing on like-content, since pricing for permissions and production are based on economies of scale. Our expertise and group buying technologies can enable your team to seek and initiate these opportunities within your organization and achieve immediate savings. More...


Nexus CMP – Branded Content Management Platform

Nexus CMP (Content Management Platform), our custom web application portal, is a simple yet robust platform designed to facilitate and streamline the quote request process, manage your content purchases and article archive, and enable cost-savings through the coordination of group purchasing opportunities. The aggregation feature is intuitively designed to enable Brand/Product Managers to champion or participate in cost-saving reprint opportunities within their internal affiliate network. This value-added platform is free, secure, and customized to match your company’s branding elements. More...

Permission Procurement & Document Delivery

In addition to procuring copyrighted content in its entirety for promotional purposes, we also help our clients obtain the necessary rights to reproduce and reuse published material to support their educational, training, and general business activities. Such examples may include the reuse of excerpts, chapters, charts, graphs, figures and illustrations within presentations, training packets, brochures or online media. We routinely work with the most capable document delivery services available to provide (in many cases instant) access to millions of individual articles for non promotional uses, including but not limited to med affairs requests, clinical, legal & regulatory, and general business use. More...

First-in-Class Service

We promise to provide a positive and engaging experience from order inquiry to content delivery. Your single point of contact will remain professional and responsive as they strive to exceed your service expectations. Our goal is to make you happy by effectively managing this critical yet burdensome job function. We truly are an extension of your Brand & Marketing teams!

Purchasing Model Options

Because the bottom-line is often a key priority in our clients decision-making process, we have expanded our purchasing options to include a brokering service, whereby we continue offering 100% of our value-added services, while acting as a liaison to transact your purchase directly through the publisher. As the billable item is procured by your team, we are free to offer a fair and reduced charge for our core services. More...

Logistics Management

Logistics can be an important and substantial cost component for content fulfillment, especially when managing multiple shipping destinations, meeting critical deadlines, or arranging special deliveries (such as onsite conference delivery). We can manage every last detail of your logistics requirements, from production location strategy to inbound delivery specifications, and everything in between. Our goal is to minimize turnaround time and cost, while adhering to your specific logistical needs and fulfillment expectations.

Delivery Tracking

We don't consider an order successfully fulfilled until it arrives at the final destination(s), in a timely manner, and consistent with expectations. We provide real-time tracking details for your orders so you can monitor delivery and coordinate your reprint activities around a reliable schedule.

Warehousing & Mailing

Though the benefits of bulk purchasing are self-evident, they can sometimes result in temporary inventory surpluses. In such cases, we do offer available warehousing space in the US and abroad, for temporary storage and fulfillment needs. We will securely hold your content, and upon request, deliver your requested quantities to any destination worldwide.

Content Translations

Professional, medical translation services are available on nearly every publication and for most languages and even dialects, either directly through the publisher or through our certified translation providers. In either case, you are guaranteed expert fulfillment with project management workflow that includes strict quality assurances and scheduled revision opportunities prior to final approval.

Split Delivery & Billing

We offer flexible split-delivery and split-billing options to accommodate your aggregated orders and logistical requirements. We also offer direct-to-site shipping (i.e. conferences, meetings, etc.) for your key promotional and educational events.

Rush Production & Delivery

For last minute requests and inventory shortages, we offer rush production & delivery options on almost any order. Exercising this option can reduce your turnaround time to as low as 5 business days from order confirmation or proof approval.